by : Icha Pajrisa

Hi world Welcome to my blog !

My name is Icha Pajrisa Dwi Putri, flood of people usually call me as Icha. I come from Palembang city (the city of famous as pempek city). I was born in Palembang. Now on i am studying in SMAN SUMATERA SELATAN (SAMPOERNA ACADEMY). I am as the3rd intake in my school, the regulation in my school is everyone must be stay in dormitory.

i am the member of Electron class which is have the long name ELEVEN SCIENCE 1 3rd intake generation. the first day i stay in this school was on 10 July of 2011. I was so afraid to stay in this school cause i cant far away from my family, when the graduation on 17 July of 2011 i saw all of my friend was crying cause we are proud of our self who have done a good job and can accept in extraordinary school.


About ichapajrisadwiputri

an ordinary people who always do the extraordinary things. :)

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  1. wew, inggrisnyaa, d smp kagak bisa ginian mah xD
    teach me english dongss 😀

  2. I was history teacher 11th grade, 33 years Miami, Florida, USA. Good luck in school.

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