by : Icha Pajrisa Dwi Putri

Solo Camp is one of program which have in my school. 18 – 20 October is the schedule for my generation in SMAN SUMATERA SELATAN to do the Solo Camp. before we do that program almost of all us my friends are afraid, because my seniors said it was great experience. when solo camp, there was many stories.  when Solo Camp we may not arrogant, think others is important for your life. by solo camp we have many kind of good things that we can take for example the collegiality with your partner.

Solo Camp very useful for us. i will remember all the activities that i have in solo camp.

then i will remember if my house is the best house ever.

thank you my beloved school.


About ichapajrisadwiputri

an ordinary people who always do the extraordinary things. :)

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  1. anggita says:

    i hope that you have a little change of your life…..

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