by : Icha Pajrisa


Once upon a time, in a small village, there was a poor family. They are Sukamti, the mother and her children.  They are Rini and Rina who is twin. When Rini and Rina were 6 years old, their father died because he had disease. Before their father died, they had a big house, many cars and many guards. The people who live in that village usually called their family as Juragan.  But then, when their conditions just like right now which is very inversely with before, they do not have a house again and none around them will help them. It is caused they never help each other when they were rich.

                        One day Sukamti and both of her children went to the forest to search the food. They divided the jobs which are Sukamti around the river and her children in the middle of forest and then they will gather in front of gate of village. Actually Rini as the younger children don’t agree with the decisions because she afraid if there is something dangerous with their mother. But, their mother said just believed to me. And Rina try to be strong and do the instructions from their mom. Time by time, unfelt afternoon coming soon, Sukamti directly go gate but in the journey there is a  big snake . she couldn’t do anything and finally the snake catch her and Sukamti die.

                        Rini and Rina confused why their mother didn’t come soon although the sun have disappear. Their directly afraid especially for Rini because she has a big responsibility if there is something wrong with her mother. After they have search in all of the part of the forest they still couldn’t find their mother. Rina directly disappointed and always crying she couldn’t anything Rini decided go back to the house because that already midnight.

                        When they stay in the home they felt so sad. Their felt very hungry but they don’t have any food luckily when in the forest they found some of fruit that can make didn’t have disease. Rini waited until Rina slept when Rina slept tshe think about their mother and unpurposely  a tear in her eyes. When she wants to slept Rini screamed and embraces Rina. Rini couldn’t say anything she just crying. Rina directly bring the water and try to make her sister becalm calm, slowly Rini said, “kakak I found our mother in the ravine”. Rina just silent snd said that just dream you maynot like that you must positive thinking that. Suddenly, the door opened but no one enter the room and then Rini felt so sick she want to slept together with Rina.

                        In the morning Rina wake up earlier than Rini. Rina try to be cooked some of the ingredients that they have and try to make Rini wake up. Rini just silent and directly go to mirror to see her eyes. Rini very surprised because in the table there is some food. They directly ate the food. After they ate Rini said “kakak what should we do to found mom?”. Rina explained to Rini if in the morning she had asked the society to help them to found their mother. Around 5 minutes there is Eko he is a young man a contemporary with them. Eko come with haste condition. And then, tell the true story about their mother.

                        Eko have be servant in their family. So, the story are he found their mother in ravine and she almost fall down into ravine. Rini asked Eko “so, how about my mother condition is it good?” Eko couldn’t said anything but Rina forced Eko and then Eko said your mother died. Rina and Rini cannot conceal their felt their crying and almost unconscious. But, luckily Eko can control the condition and said “you are must strong your mother died because of poison snake in the river when she searched some food”. Rini unconscious and Rina has angry with herself because she cannot stop and opposed the instructions from their mom and she felt cannot responsibilities she has promise with herself to keep her family but the fact she cannot their mother died because of neglect herself. Rina throw the entire thing in front of her eyes.

                        Eko try to control the condition but he cannot. And he asked another people around their house to help Sukamti’s family. After the condition liked usual Eko and the society went to river to pick up Sukamti. In the journey they have a big obstacle it is the bridge that the people use go to the river broken off so, some people arrange the bridge and another   use boat to stay in the river. Rina and Rini were crying among the journey. Around 2 hours they need go to river and then their directly embraced their mom. The people around their just pray and some of their was crying.

                        After that, Eko said “we must bring your mother soon because, the day almost afternoon and we must buried” when stay in the house many people come and felt sad. When the people want to buried suddenly rained. So, they must waited until the condition not rained again. In the night Rini and Rina always prayed to thei mother and father. Rini said, “kak now in this house just you and me our mother and father has gone” and Rina said, “well dek although just you and me we must strong this is the live we must can this obstacle many people in the world more poor than us they just they alone no one want to help them and they don’t have any brother and sister we more luckily than they”.

                        After Rina said like that the condition became calm and suddenly there is people knock the door. Both of them shocked. And then Rina braved herself and open the door. And the people who knock the door are Eko and her mother. Rini said “yah Eko again again and again.. wht are you doing in here ko ? Will you disturb Rina and I ?” Rina said, “Rini you maynot said like that!” Juminten as Eko mother said, “Mrs. I am so sorry disturb all of you we just want to make you happy we bring some food for you”. Eko said, “That’s true but if you don’t want it’s ok we can given to another people. Rina directly said, “oh no we are so sorry we want it, really!”. Juminten given the food and said, “You are the good people you can passed this obstacle without the parents believed to e you can guys”.

                        Rini said, “How could you know? That’s the big problem that’s me my sister know so I hope you will not join our activities”. Juminten just smile and ask Eko go back soon. When their go back Rina directly angry with Rini she said, “oh my god what happened with you sist? Why you very insolence with them? They don’t have any mistaken I guess they have a kind characteristic with ask! You must meet them and say sorry”. Rini just smile and said, “What for kak? If I have said like that will they us some moneys? And make our mother there is in here and can gathered with us? I don’t think so kak. Iam sorry I couldn’t do anything. That can make so shy and they will be arrogant with our family”. If Rini already said like that Rina just silent and couldn’t do anything and then they just continue prayed and after that slept.

                        In the morning, cause no one will stay in home. So Rina asked Rini to stay in the home and Rina will work. Before Rina went worked, Rini always cooked something as stock food for Rina if she has hungry when she works. Day by day the activities and their home always like that until Rini felt bored. One day in the night when they are dinner together Rini tell to Rina if she is bored and she don’t want always stay in home, she want to help Rina to found the money because the condition always like that from mom die. Rina pile up and given permission if Rini want to help her but Rina has requisite to Rini she can keep herself if in a dangerous condition Rina just don’t want something do with her sister. Rini just smile and absolutely agree. Rina said, “You want to work tomorrow better if you slept first dek”. Rini very happy and kiss Rina. After that, in the morning Rini has use a good clothes and she has cooked a delicious food. And Rina felt happy and said “be careful yeah dek”.

                        When Rini search the job that’s so difficult because all of the people don’t want to accept she become the servant. And after that Rini felt so sad. In the home Rina stayed first than Rini. And said “How yours life dek?” Rini said, “kak I couldn’t found the job I want go to the village” and Rina felt afraid and cannot give the permission. Rini was angry with Rina and resolve to go the city without the permissions. When Rina was slept Rini packed she bag and bring the ring that given by their mother. In the morning, Rina asked, “will you worked today?” Rini just silent and ignore Rina. Rina felt guilty and think if she go back from work Rini will back like usual. When around 1 hour Rina leaved the house Rini directly go from house use bus. In the bus she met a bad boy which is make she very afraid. When she come to the city she is directly go to search place for she slept and now she slept under the bridge. In the village Rina very worried because Rini do a bad work that she don’t think before. Rina directly go to Eko home because only Eko that can help her to found Rini. When Eko heared the story ‎he directly go to city with Rina. In the town theh have search around two times but the fact they cannot found Rini after that they go to policies office and tell the problems. Rina very afraid if they cannot found RIni and Eko asked Rina to be calm and go back to the village because they cannot leave their worked more than 3 days.


                        Day by day Rina always sad and only Eko that’s can her more happy. 5 more years. There is no information from policies, and begin that day Rina never think if she have a sister she was very disapointed with Rini. Month by month until 3 more years Rina want to married with Eko Rina remember about Rini and she was crying she tell to Eko if she want to search Rini cause she cannot married wihout Rini. Rini is the important one in she life but they still cannot found Rini and the policies just given information if they found a people similar with Rini and now she become aa criminal people. Rina shocked and she couldn’t trust it. If Rina waited until Rini come that’s will need much time to do it so RIna do the merried without any brother and sister. Day by day pass away Rina and Eko has two children their decisions move to the cities because they want a new life and they want better life.

                        Rina chose the house near the bridge in order to more easy going to another place. When they went to the market and met drove criminal people. And they asked the money to them but Rina still don’t want give the money and finally the criminal people shoot the pistol to the Rina but suddenly Rina saw the criminal people that use the same ring with her mother given at the long time and Rina remember that’s people is Rini. And Rina with the slowly said, “Rini my sister I really missed you!” and Rini didn’t believe it and just ignore her. But when she went to go she thinks how another people could know she name. Rini back to that place and directly embrace Rina and Rina said, “dek where are you? I really missed you kakak want entrust my family to you dek, please keep them” Rini was crying and she the children of Rina. Eko as the husband of Rina just silent and contact their family one by one. After that accident Rini always visited Eko house and she be the kind people.

                        Around 6 years Eko and Rini married because Rini have promise with Rina if she must keep her family. And after that they be a harmony family and have 4 children which is 2 from Rina and 2 from Rini.


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