do you have problem with your English ? well guys, i am gonna give you some friendly letter check it out :


Dear Westy,

            I’m sorry I haven’t written for ages, but I‘ve been busy preparing for school production and open house. Last week before become the committee of open house my friends and I do the listening examination with my teacher. My teacher said listening is the important part in IGCSE especially for English lesson. After listened the information all of my friend saw not interesting again because some of them think ability to make a summary the result is not really good how could listening will be better than write. That makes almost all of the members in my class give up. Westy do you know? At the first time I am join this examination the result so bad. I just can answer 1 from 10 questions. At the time I feel very embarrassed.

            During the listening examination I am really nervous and afraid. Because, you know from junior high school I hate English lesson but with this condition in this school I must love English. Luckily I can follow the regulation in this school. Now, I am fell happy and I need more concentration during the examination and also more practice for get a good result. I hope I can get An in IGCSE in order to can make my parents proud because of me.

            Well, westy I think that’s all that I can share to you. Don’t forget to reply my letter and share your felling now.







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an ordinary people who always do the extraordinary things. :)

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