Hi guys,

Do you have a problem with your lesson especially about Microsoft excel ?
if it is yes i can help you to explain about the formula’s in M.E today I just retry to remember about the formula and this is the result :

you can use IF for the example  Kode Barang and Negara Asal
it’s not really difficult the formula only like this : =IF(LEFT(B5,2)=”12″,”Escavator 12 AT”,IF(LEFT(B5,2)=”13″,”Dozer 16 AT”,IF(LEFT(B5,2)=”14″,”Dum Truck 54 AT”,”77 AT”)))

in this formula you can see there is Left for make it become easier. you also can use right =IF(RIGHT(B5,2)=”US”,”America”,IF(RIGHT(B5,2)=”GR”,”Germany”,IF(RIGHT(B5,2)=”CN”,”China”,”Japan”))) for decided Negara asal.

and you can use Mid for looking Harga per unit and this is the example : =IF(MID(B5,4,2)=”45″,”13700000″,IF(MID(B5,4,2)=”46″,”18700000″,IF(MID(B5,4,2)=”47″,”22750000″,”28900000″)))

and you can use this symbols (*) for times the number like this ex : =E5*F5

and the last for pajak masuk this is the formula : =IF(D5=”America”,12%*G5,IF(D5=”Germany”,16%*G5,IF(D5=”China”,20%*G5,25%*G5)))

and also you can another formula.
lets try guys happy studying I believe you can.


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