By : Icha Pajrisa D

New_york_times_square-terabassRecently, any people talk about life condition that is so different between their era in the post and recent area. This article below will tell you how it is going on?

                In previous era, most people of the thing run manually and still traditional life was so limited because people didn’t have many advanced technology. Less development of technology leads to less quality of life.

                It could be very tough to have life condition just like in the past, because they faced harder and more complicated life us like today. In this new era, globalization has spread around the world. It gives so many changes in our life such as better communication ways, new development of modern technology and greater opportunities to have higher quality of life. It makes us easier to run our life, as everything supports our activities to be faster and easier, better development of technology means higher standard of living. It could also affect the number of life expectancy in countries to be improved.

                So, what do you think guys? Do you think your life is easier in recent time?


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