in this world there are many people who have different characteristics. Some of us maybe live in the US, Europe or perhaps Asia. I know by having many of the differences sometimes between us will fight each other, but i’m questioning. is everything will end by fighting ? is there another way to make the differences become a new thing which is can make a beautiful world ?
Now on is 2016, come on guys. we should tolerance with others. put your ego down. the world will not as beautiful as we think if we always fight. honestly i really sad when i knew the war is begin in the Suriah. do you guys think what i think ? I know some of us have our own religions, there are :Islam, christian, Hindu, Budha or maybe do not have any religion. yeah let it go, let it flow.Cause whatever the religion that we have I do believe all the gods will got angry by seeing what we do in this century.

so guys, please stop the war cause we are one, we are human. do not hurt each other !


About ichapajrisadwiputri

an ordinary people who always do the extraordinary things. :)

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